Tobacco : don't smoke !

Smoking kills MILLIONS of innocent people every year.

Since the 1970's, Bruno Comby is an active non-smoking militant, a pioneer in the fight against smoking in Europe.

He was among the first in France to teach the consequences of smoking on health to medical doctors at the University of Medicine of Paris, to nurses and to the general public.

In 1986 he wrote "How to Give Up Smoking", the n°1 non-smoking book in Europe. He developed training programs and contributed in setting up the system known as the "Five-day plan", which now helps some 200 000 persons each year to "kick the habit".

From 1986 to 1998 he was an officer of the French government's National Committee Against Tobacco, where he participated actively in the first official anti-smoking campaigns, in the preparation of anti-smoking laws, and in the first legal suits against the tobacco industry. He prepared the first report about smoking in the work places, recommending to abolish smoking in all places open to the public, including all working places.

Smoking is truly a world-wide social and medical scourge. It is scandalous that in the 21st century the tobacco industry is still organizing marketing campaigns directed mainly to young people and to the developing countries.

Do you smoke?

The Bruno Comby institute (IBC) invites you to measure how addicted you are to nicotine with the famous Fagerstrom test.

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