Testimonials of ex-smokers


" I gave up a small pleasure, but I got my life back. "


" Now, when I watch my friends and relations filling ashtrays, I say to myself: They're crazy! I'm free, they're not. "


" I'm a happy man now since I stopped smoking. "


" I rediscovered that I have the control of my life, and the benefits from this go far beyond just the question of smoking. "


" I can't believe how easy it was to succeed; because in the past I always failed. "


" When I play football, my lungs now run faster and better than my legs ! "


" Smoking doesn't improve the human species, it drags it downwards. "


" No more stink of stale cigarette smoke in the house! "


" It is easier to stop than to decide to stop. "


"Life puts many obstacles in our way, but they are only imaginary obstacles. There is always a way out."


"Fifteen years of slavery, five days to stop, and an entirely new life."


"A hard fight, but an elating experience."


"I stopped smoking ten years ago; it was surely the most beautiful thing I ever did in my whole life."


"I'm in high altitude now. My lungs are absolutely new, my chest is more elastic, my head is lighter and I even look younger."


" To give up smoking is not only to stop something, it's also opening a new page in my life ! "


" Now, I feel really free ! "


Testimonials taken from the book : "How to give up smoking"