Are you dependent on nicotine?


The Bruno Comby Institute (IBC) offers you this on-line test to evaluate your dependence on nicotine with :


"The pleasure of not smoking is greater than the pleasure of smoking"

(Bernard Clavel).

Nicotine is a drug commonly used all over the world. It leads to a physiological dependence which makes it hard to "kick the habit." Millions and millions of people all over the world are "hooked" on nicotine. Are you? To find out the extent to which you are dependent on nicotine, answer the following eight questions and then read the results given below :

1 - How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?

less than 15
from 15 to 25
More than 25

2 - What is the nicotine content of your cigarettes?

less than 0,8 mg
from 0,8 to 1,5 mg
more than 1,5 mg

3 - Do you inhale?


4 - Do you smoke more frequently early in the day?


5 - When do you smoke your first cigarette ?

less than half an hour after waking up
more than half an hour after waking up

6 - Which cigarette gives you the greatest pleasure ?

the first one in the day
another one

7 - Do you smoke even when you are so sick that you must stay in bed (with the flu or a sore throat)?


8 - Is it hard for you not to smoke in no-smoking areas, such as theatres, airplanes, trains, restaurants or other public places ?




Your score = Points


This score indicates to what extent you are dependent on nicotine:

- 0 to 4 points : you are not dependent, or just slightly dependent
- 5 to 6 points : you are dependent
- 7 to 8 points : you are strongly dependent
- 9 to 11 points : you are very strongly dependent

To repeat the test, answer the questions again. The new result will be displayed automatically.

Ask your friends and colleagues who smoke to perform this test:

(copy this text into the body of the e-mail to your friends) :

Hello, I found an interesting web site that measures how "hooked" a smoker is to nicotine. You just have to answer eight questions (it takes less than 1 minute) and the site automatically calculates your dependence to nicotine. The address of this nicotine-dependence test proposed by the comby institute ( is :

Can you try this test and let me know the results for you? The same site also proposes a stress test and information on how to quit smoking. Keep me informed! Hoping to hear from you soon."

Do you know that even smoking as little as one cigarette per day may endanger your health?

Whether you are dependent or not, whether you smoke a little or a lot, the best thing you can do for your health and well-being is to STOP smoking. Everyone around you will surely be grateful for that and thank you for it. Smoking is not only an individual dependence, it is also a societal problem.

Smoking increases your level of stress and nervosity which can be measured on the internet by a free STRESS test !


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