Program of activities


The annual assembly of the COMBY INSTITUTE is held every year in the spring season. The next annual assembly is planned to be held in Paris :

Spring 2010 (often on a saturday afternoon at 5:00 PM) at 55 rue Victor Hugo in Houilles, France (15 minutes from Paris by rapid metro, taxi or train).

You will be informed of the exact date of the General Assembly by the mailing list. The General Assembly will be preceded by a meeting of the Board of Directors.

All members and correspondents are kindly invited to join in. To participate in the General Assembly, you must be a member of the institute or correspondent of the institute or be invited.

To contact the person in charge of the organization of the General Assembly: (spam prevention: replace A by @ in the e-mail address before sending the message)

Read the latest : report of the last General assembly of the institute

Expositions :

Last year, the Comby institute has participated to health and environmental expos totalizing about one million visitors, thereby contributing to spreading useful information for better health and a better world. To contact the person in charge of the expos, write to: (spam prevention: replace A by @ in the e-mail address before sending the message)

The next expos scheduled are :

- The forthcoming expos will be displayed here when announced.

Please contact us if you wish to help IBC participate and present its activities to the public in these expos (you can come help us at the booth, or make a donation), or to organize IBC lectures or IBC booths in similar expos in your country.

In these expos, the Institut Bruno Comby proposes :

- information for better health : non-smoking, better nutrition, drug prevention, stress-management, power naps, enhancing immunity, etc.
- information for a better world : protection of the environment, nature and wildlife, clean energy production, etc.

- presentation of the institute, its activities, newsletter,
- possibility of meeting Bruno Comby and
other members of the institute,
- possibility of measuring your dependence on nicotine using the test of Fragerström,
- demonstration of the website of the institute,
- presentation of Bruno Comby's books,
- presentation of the STRESSOMETER™ COMBY™, a new biofeedback system to evaluate one's Tremor of the Nervous system at Rest (TNR).

In these expos, the public can meet Bruno Comby and other members of the Institute.

If you think you can give a hand to help prepare and present the institute's booth in these expos, even for just a few hours, you are welcome (all you have to do is distribute some information, welcome the visitors and present the books, and answer some very simple questions). No special competence is necessary, just the desire to help share some useful information. Your help is very much welcome. Call us to help organize the expo if you expect to come and help, you may call until the day preceding each expo at n° : +33 1 30 86 00 33 (institute headquarters), or during the expo at n° : +33 6 11 84 88 00 (cellular).

If you want to present the IBC at an expo in your country or area, or organize lectures or workshops given by Bruno Comby in your country, call us at the same numbers.

Your help is particularly useful :
- the day preceding the expo (assembling the booth)
- during the expo at the hours open to the public (to help inform the visitors)
- during lectures given by BC, week-ends, and high traffic of visitors hours
- the last day of the expo, especially from 1 hour before the closing to the public, and 2 hours after closure (deconstructing the booth).



Be informed !

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