Documents to be translated

You can help us translate this web site as well as our books and documents in other languages


The documents to be translated are the presentation documents, then the short presentation of the books, then the newsletters, then the books themselves (by order of priority) :

1 - the general presentation of the institute, the biography of Bruno Comby, the presentation of the books, the press references. (NUMBER OF PAGES TO BE TRANSLATED : 4 pages).

2 - the IBC membership subscription form (NUMBER OF PAGES TO BE TRANSLATED : 1 page).

3 - the past issues of the institute's newsletters detailing the institute's actions so far (NUMBER OF PAGES TO BE TRANSLATED : 4 to 6 pages per issue - 4 issues archived on the IBC's web site so far).

4 - other pages and documents available of the web site (except the pages about the translations, which don't need to be translated!).

5 - the books if they are not yet translated in your language. (NUMBER OF PAGES TO BE TRANSLATED : more or less 200 pages per book depending on the title) (see list of books and in what languages they are available so far on the IBC's web site).

Check out starting from the homepage what are the documents available in your language, and compare with the french and english sites. All pages appearing in french or english and not in your language probably need to be translated. Before starting the translations, contact the IBC webmaster for questions and to make sure no one else is already translating these pages or documents.

After trnaslating the web pages into your language, if you're willing to help translate the books, we can propose an agreement to share the royalties offered by the publisher on book sales after your translation of the book is published. If you are interested by this possibility, please let us know. We will send you more information about how to proceed.

We don't want to over-stress you, so please understand that you should feel free to work or not on these translations occasionnally, at your rhythm, with no particular obligation.

Questions or other instructions : [email protected]

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