The Institute Bruno Comby

The Bruno Comby Institute is a non-profit association whose object is "to promote scientific research in fields related to a better life style; the improvement of individual and collective health, prosperity and performance and the protection of the environment, in order to build a better future" (translated from the statutes of the institute).

History of the Institute

The Bruno Comby Institute was founded in May 1993 on the initiative of Dr Christian Caussť, a clinical research physician, who has been physician to the Prime Ministers of the France, M. Rocard and Ms. Cresson. The fundamental idea was to create a society of individuals committed to the support of Bruno Comby's research program and to the promotion of public health and well-being.

Who are we?

The members of the Bruno Comby Institute are located in various countries around the world. They have in common an interest in promoting a responsible approach to their own health, well-being, work and life. Anyone who shares our aims can subscribe to our mailing list, become a member of the Institute as a sympathizing, active or benefactor member, or can apply to be a local correspondent in his own region.

Scientific and Medical Committee - Committee of Honorary Members

These two Committees of the Bruno Comby Institute each gather about a hundred prominent scientists, medical doctors, university professors and prominent personalities who offer their moral support to the Comby Institute.

The work of the Institute is supervised by a Board of Directors.

The IBC newsletter is sent to our members and correspondents.

The Bruno Comby Institute is a member of the EUN (European Union of Non-Smokers).

We fervently believe that the world can be improved if we help each other to live better, if we become examples to the people around us, if we develop a healthier outlook on life and adopt a true life ethic.