STRESS is one of the great problems in our society. A more simple and natural lifestyle will help you to live without stress. Pr Hans Selye, famous canadian physiologist, considered as the "father of stress" is the first in the world to have used this word, in the 1930's. The IBC is today one of the world leader in stress-measurement and a pioneer of stress-management, since a quarter of a century.

The IBC proposes a new vision to understand, evaluate and solve stress problems :


A stress-quizz
FREE : test your stress-level on-line and determine the causes of stress in your life habits, with this new exclusive stress-test !


A best-seller


by Bruno Comby

a practical guide for better living and a natural lifestyle


An exclusive and revolutionary electronic instrument to measure stress : control your stress level, and learn how to reduce your stress with the STRESSOMETER COMBY™, an instrument measuring the human microscopic tremor of the nervous system at rest (TNR) more commonly called "nervous trembling". Click on the link to TNR TECHNOLOGY's web site then on "tremor measurement" for more information.



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