Ah! I benefici della siesta...

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Bruno Comby's book "Elogio de la siesta", with an introduction by French President Jacques Chirac, is now available in italian language (Edizioni San Paolo)

Radio interview in italian language about Bruno Comby's research on the siesta (July 30, 2001) :

See the press article on the RAI's web site :

Listen to the complete 8'17" interview of Bruno Comby in italian for the RAI :

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Test : Are you a champion of the SIESTA ?

The word SIESTA comes from the latin "sixta" which meens "the sixth hour of the day".

The word SIESTA designates any form of sleep, nap, or rest taken during daytime and especially at mid-day, the sixth hour of the day !

Life is a succession during the day of working and resting periods. It is essential to organize correctly this alternance to live happily and to improve your performance in all your activities.

Taking a SIESTA each day is part of our biological natural rhythms and is absolutely necessary for an optimal health and more natural lifestyle.

A five minute siesta dissolves stress, increases your physical and mental power, and generates extra time by reducing the next night's sleep by up to two hours.

Increase your energy and creativity like Napoleon, Leonardo da Vinci, Edison, Einstein...

Bruno Comby is the author of the first book in the world on this subject : POWER SLEEP.

This book tells you all why and how take a siesta, to discover the multiple benefits for your health of short power-relaxation sessions, and how to rest and increase your energy in just a few minutes with a siesta.

Taking a siesta is a fundamental right of any human being, as important as the right to eat or express one's self. The IBC promotes the practise of siesta around the world.

If you agree that taking a siesta is important for a better life, sign our Siesta Petition.


Are you a champion of the SIESTA ?


It's so wonderful to take a siesta...


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