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Address: 55 rue Victor Hugo, F-78800 Houilles, France

Phone (from another country) : +33 1 30 86 00 33 or +33 6 11 84 88 00
Phone (from France) : 01 30 86 00 33 or 06 11 84 88 00

Houilles is located 10 km west from Paris

Closest international airport : Paris-Charles de Gaulle (CDG - the biggest airport,30 km north of Paris) or Paris-Orly (ORY, 20 km south of Paris).

Closest train station : Paris then take a commuting train (SNCF) or rapid metro (RER) to the Houilles-Carrières RER/SNCF station.

Trains and RER run non-stop from 6:00 am to 1:00 am.

By plane from the airport
By public transportation from Paris
By car or taxi from Paris
General map of the Paris area
Arrival in Houilles
Detailed map for arrival in Houilles
From Houilles to Paris by car
RER (rapid metro) map - Metro map
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By plane from the Airport

From the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport in car or taxi : take the A1 autoroute (super-highway) toward Paris, then about 10 km before reaching Paris, take the A86 highway on the right toward Nanterre-La Defense, leaving the A86 highway about 15 kilometers further at the Bezons exit (number 2b), then follow the Bezons direction to go over the bridge across the Seine river, and follow the instructions from the Bezons bridge given below, as if you had come from Paris. It should take 30 to 60 minutes (usually 40 minutes) from Roissy to Houilles in car or taxi depending on the hour and the density of traffic. The taxi should cost about 50 Euros.

From the Roissy-Charles de Gaulle airport by RER (regional express train) : ask for a ticket from Roissy to Houilles, take the RER to Paris (about 25 minutes from Roissy), change at the RER station Chatelet-Les Halles in the center of Paris, taking the RER line A (in direction of Cergy or Poissy) to reach Houilles (see below : by public transportation from Paris). It should take a bit more than an hour in the RER, from the Roissy airport to the Houilles station. Cost of the RER ticket: about 10 Euros.

From the Orly airport : 1/ either take the automatic metro (VAL - electronic metro without any driver) to Antony, then take the RER (rapid metro with a driver) towards Paris, change at the RER station Chatelet-Les Halles taking the RER line A to reach Houilles (see below : by public transportation from Paris). 2/ or take the airport bus (Air France bus) to Paris, get off the bus at the "Denfert Rochereau - RER station" bus stop, and then take the RER to the North at the Denfert Rochereau station (direction : Chatelet Les Halles or Roissy), change at the RER station Chatelet-Les Halles, taking the RER line A (A3 or A5) to reach Houilles (see below : by public transportation from Paris).

By public transportation from Paris

Take the rapid metro - RER : line A3 or A5 towards Poissy or Cergy. Get off at the RER station HOUILLES-CARRIERES, about 8 minutes from La Defense (2 stations), 12 minutes from the Etoile station (Arc of Triumph) in the center of Paris (3 stations), 22 minutes from Chatelet-Les Halles (5 stations). One train every 5 minutes in rush hours and about every 12 minutes otherwise. ATTENTION: about half the trains stop at Houilles, and half the trains leaving from the same platform in Paris go to another direction (line A1 in direction of St Germain en Laye, do NOT take these trains departing from the same platform). Before boarding the train, be sure that the destination "Houilles" is lit on the panel on the platform. Price of a ticket for metro+RER from Paris to Houilles : about 2 Euros (12 FRF). An ordinary metro ticket (about 1 Euro) is valid only inside Paris.

Take the railroad - SNCF : by suburban train (SNCF) from the St Lazare station in Paris. Get off at the HOUILLES-CARRIERES station - it's the same as the RER station. It will take12 minutes from the St Lazare station to Houilles. There is a train from St Lazare every 10 minutes at rush hours and every 20 minutes otherwise. Price of a ticket : train+RER : about 2 Euros (12 FRF).

At the Houilles station : leave by the overhead foot-bridge or the underground passage toward the south side (rue Robespierre or Place Andre Malraux) - the opposite side from the station building itself. Then either take a taxi or walk, turning right as you leave the underground passage or the foot-bridge, and follow the street along the rails due west along the railroad tracks - it's about 10 minutes on foot going due west along the tracks (see below: arrival in Houilles).

By car or taxi from Paris

From the Porte Maillot : take the Porte Maillot exit of the boulevard peripherique (circular highway circling around Paris) and head away from Paris toward the west DIRECTION LA DEFENSE. Pass over the Neuilly bridge across the Seine, which takes you to La Defense. After the bridge, stay in the MIDDLE lane. GO STRAIGHT AHEAD AFTER THE BRIDGE, AND DIVE INTO THE TUNNEL WHICH PASSES UNDER THE "LA DEFENSE" AREA AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTION OF "CERGY PONTOISE" (the tunnel is about 2 kilometers long). Take the left lane at the next split in the road, keeping on in the direction of CERGY-PONTOISE. You will see panels announcing "Peage A14 " - the 2 lanes on the right then lead to Poissy-Rouen - don't go that way. When you come out of the tunnel (direction "CERGY PONTOISE - A86, on the left lane, then sharp curve to the right), keep on in the direction "A86 - Cergy-Pontoise". You will arrive on the A86 highway DIRECTION CERGY PONTOISE going north. On the A86, about1 km after leaving the tunnel under La Defense, leave the highway A86 at the BEZONS exit (number 2b) sharp turn to the right. Follow the signs to Bezons : you pass immediately under the A86 and cross the Seine on the PONT DE BEZONS (Bezons bridge).

From Pont de Bezons (Bezons bridge over the Seine river) : coming from Paris or from the A86, on the Bezons bridge, take the left lane and just after the bridge climb up on the elevated road ("TOBOGGAN") toward the left in the DIRECTION "ST GERMAIN-POISSY - HOUILLES". About 500 metres after the toboggan, keep in the left lane and make a left turn at the red light going in the direction of "St Germain - Houilles - Carrieres ." Go straight ahead for about 2 km and pass under the railroad viaduct of the RER-SNCF. KEEP RIGHT after the viaduct and immediately after the red light, turn right but don't go into the bus lane. Follow the railroad track which is now on your right, go around the circle, you will see bus stops, underpasses and the overhead foot-bridge leading to the platforms, then keep following the railroad track. Note : we suggest you to download the map with details for arrival in Houilles. If you arrive by taxi or with a french driver, you may download the instructions in french, to give to the taxi driver.

Arrival in Houilles : see the detailed map for arrival in Houilles

From the station (south side rue Robespierre or place Andre Malraux) : go along the railroad tracks toward the west, in the direction away from Paris for about 700 meters to the red light and a bridge over the tracks. At the red light, go straight ahead, continue to follow the tracks and take the FIRST street on your left. That's the rue Victor Hugo. Number 55 is about 300 meters down the street, on the left.

If you get lost in Houilles : there are two points of reference:

1/ The railroad station of HOUILLES. We are exactly one kilometer west.of the station (follow the tracks to the west) until you see rue Victor Hugo and turn left on it, and

2/ the navy base BASE MARINE DE HOUILLES which appears on all suburban maps. It has a vertical metal radio antenna about100 meters high which can be seen from afar day or night. We are exactly 100 meters north of that antenna.

From Houilles to Paris by car

Go back down the rue Victor Hugo toward the railroad tracks, turn right at the first STOP sign, at the bistro, go straight ahead for about a kilometer, passing the red light at the entrance to the navy base. At the next STOP make a broad left turn. Shortly thereafter you find a first red light, and about 30 meters further on another red light at a bigger intersection with the avenue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Turn left 90 degrees onto the avenue Jean-Jacques Rousseau. After about 300 m pass under the SNCF railroad line, then straight on for about 3 kilometers toward Bezons. Pass over the bridge (Pont de Bezons) toward Paris and Colombes.

At the end of the bridge, you may:

1/ go straight ahead toward Paris-Porte de Champerret (shorter distance, but more traffic, not a highway),

2/ the solution we prefer : take the A86 highway to the right after the Bezons bridge, in the direction of NANTERRE LA DEFENSE; about 1 kilometer after entering on the A86, stay on the right lane, and turn right leaving the A86 following the direction LA DEFENSE, then you will enter the tunnel under LA DEFENSE and follow the direction of PARIS-Porte Maillot. When arriving at Porte Maillot you can either enter the center of Paris ((right lane) or take the circular boulevard to the North (périphérique Nord, stay on the middle lane then right lane) or take the circular boulevard to the South (périphérique Sud, stay on the left lane).

3/ take the autoroute A86 to the left after the Bezons bridge in the direction of Cergy-Pontoise which will lead you about 15 kilometers later either by the autoroute A1-Aéroport Roissy Charles de Gaulle (to the North) to the airport at Roissy, or by the autoroute A1-Paris (to the South) to the northern entrance to Paris.

Nearby hotels

If you need a hotel, you may wish to choose either a hotel nearby or a hotel in Paris. There are two nearby, typically local french bistro-hotels: hotel in Houilles (the closest one, located just across the RER station of Houilles - 10 minute walking distance from us) and hotel in Sartrouville (5 minutes by RER from Houilles).

There are many, more comfortable, *** and **** hotels, to be found in Paris.

You should preferably make the hotel reservations in advance, by phone.

Before visiting us

Don't forget to let us know in advance of your visit, so that we can welcome you properly. Except for our general assemblies and programmed activities, our office hours are not regular; you should make an appointment beforehand.


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